How to Get Shopify for $1/Month

Shopify is offering a 3-month premium trial at the cost of $1/Month only. Let's have a look at how to avail of this offer.

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In 2023, Shopify started offering a very alluring deal to all new merchants. The offer is basically a free trial costing no more than $1/month, for up to 3 months! 

In this article, we will have a look at how you can get Shopify for $1/month and have your online store up and running free of cost for 3 months.

shopify for $1/month

This promotion is valid for both individual and business accounts. Existing paying plan subscribers can upgrade to the same plan for only $1 monthly.

Store owners can take advantage of the following perks in addition to the discount during the free trial period:

  • Shopify Plus services like product reviews, inventory management, customer support, and shipping are all free.
  • Access to a specialized account manager that will assist them in establishing their store.
  • An online sales funnel creator that assists merchants in developing a lucrative eCommerce business.
  • Over 40,000 apps and extensions are available.
  • Customized training sessions

Get Shopify for $1/Month

In order to get Shopify for $1/Month and avail this huge discount offer, all you have to do is follow our affiliate link.

get shopify for $1/month

This offer stands for both, old and new Shopify store owners. Not only that, but you can also pick from what plan suits your needs the best.

A basic plan that costs $25/month will have its price cut down to only $1/month. But if you are using either the $65/month or $399/month plan, you will still be paying no more than $1.

How the 3-Month Trial Works

Shopify offers a free trial for the first 3 days after you sign up. Once that ends, you will be prompted to pick from one of their monthly plans and be given a coupon code that lets you use Shopify for $1/month, for up to 3 months.

A small detail to notice is that you will only be charged if you do not cancel the subscription plan after your 3 days of trial has ended.

So Why Use Shopify?

Signing up with Shopify allows customers to create an online store, manage inventory, handle payments, deliver orders, and much more. You can customize the appearance and feel of your online business by using themes and tools (or applications). 

You can either build your Shopify site from scratch or hire a Shopify agency/developer to convert your current site.

Let us now have a look at some of the advantages of using Shopify so you can better judge how your needs align with Shopify as a platform.

  1. Allows for Scalability

Your Shopify site could work better and expand alongside your business. It just takes a few clicks to upgrade your plan - with Shopify Plus, you never have to worry about additional hosting expenses, site security investments, or bandwidth constraints.

  1. Apps Integration 

A strong customer relationship management (CRM) system is required for efficient communication. Shopify works with CRM applications like Salesforce as well as social networking sites to assist convert inactive subscribers and followers into paying clients.

  1. Multiple Payment Options

Shopify integrates over 100 payment methods, offering you and your customers dozens of alternatives. Also, no transaction costs are imposed on top of typical credit card fees when using its built-in gateway called Shopify Payments (available in some countries).

  1. Dozens of Marketing Tools

With built-in capabilities for audience targeting, automation, and campaign design, you can reach more of your prospective consumers. Popular marketing strategies include advertising unique discount codes and e-coupons via organic SEO Shopify content and paid advertisements.

Ending Note - Shopify for $1/Month

Shopify is a digital platform that allows you to quickly create a website and begin selling. It includes all of the tools required to establish a successful online business. 

Starting on Shopify has never been easier before, and the best part is that you don't have to invest hundreds of dollars into it either. With the help of this unique offer, any store owner can now subscribe to Shopify for $1/month only.

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May 9, 2023