Royal Apps' partner program

We often hear that there is no such thing as easy money. At Royal Apps, we say that's cap. With our unbeatable 20% lifetime commission, you'll earn big by simply sharing our apps with your clients or followers.

FAQ : Partner with us

Got some questions about our affiliate program?

How much do I get in comission for each sale ?

For each client you bring, you get 20% in comission. It is also recurrent, as long as the costumer you brought keeps paying each month, you get 20% of the sell, every month.

How do we receive the money ?

Your monthly profits can be sent to you by Paypal or by wire transfer.

Are their any starting fees or other hidden fees?

No fees whatsoever! You don't even need to provide us your credit card info. Make sells, get money, as simple as that.

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Join a thriving community of partners, backed by a proven track record of success. With monthly customers and a generous 20% commission on every sale, you can effortlessly boost your income.

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