What is Upselling | 5 Quick Tips to Boost Your Online Sales

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Customers may come to your online store with a rough idea of what they want to buy, but many are still open to recommendations. 

According to a recent poll, 43% of buyers embrace in-store advertising that enhances their browsing experience. You can take advantage of this and try upselling to persuade them to buy a more expensive item or service that meets their demands while boosting your revenue.

In this article, we will go over the common question of what is upselling and some important tips to boost your sales using this method.

What is Upselling?

Let's define the term before moving on to the best upselling and cross-selling tips.

Upselling is a sales strategy where a salesman persuades consumers to buy more costly goods or upgrades in order to close a more lucrative deal. 

You get a tremendous return on your investment by upselling. 

When compared to making the initial sale, upselling requires considerably less work and has a much higher chance of being successful. With the first purchase, the customer has already chosen to trust you and your product. With that reputation, expanding your sales to them is now simpler. 

Customers desire value, and they're frequently prepared to pay a bit extra to obtain it. 

The manner in which you upsell though, is crucial. Upselling helps the buyer feel appreciated if the transaction is presented as an effort to help the customer obtain the greatest value for their money. 

Customers could feel used if they believe you are trying to boost your profits, which might result in a loss of clients or a drop in sales. 

So how do we make sure that we are using the best practices when upselling for ideal results? Let’s have a deeper look. 

5 Upselling Tips to Boost Your Sales

Learning how to upsell can help you increase the amount of money your customers spend. These five upselling strategies can assist you in realizing your maximum sales potential and growing your online business.

  1. Offer incentives for bigger purchases

The first thing you should think about is rewarding clients who make big purchases. Giving the buyer a reason to spend more money makes the upgrade seem more worthwhile. 

If you sell items through an online store like Shopify, one of the best incentives you can provide is free delivery. According to a recent poll, 84% of customers added an item to their cart in order to reach a free delivery threshold.

On Shopify, this can be easily achieved with the help of our one-click upselling app called CartX. This app integration allows you to create irresistible pop-ups and post-purchase upsell offers to help boost your sales.

  1. Provide detailed comparisons

Consumers are reluctant to upgrade unless they are convinced that a more pricey choice is worthwhile. You could emphasize features that are only accessible with more expensive alternatives with a thorough and well-organized product or service comparison.

When shoppers are in the decision-making phase and still looking for information about their options, provide comparisons. Place them alongside items in-store or on product pages on E-commerce sites.

  1. Limit their options

More alternatives do not always increase the likelihood of a sale when upselling. Remember that additional options generally lead to more confusion and stress for customers. Upsells that are successful begin with a solution to the customer's problem, not with additional inquiries. 

  1. Suggest what might actually be useful

Upselling does not have to be aggressive in order to be effective. While aggressive salespeople have given the practice a bad name, the best way to upsell is to suggest upgrades and add-ons that genuinely support customer needs.

You can effectively upsell consumers with a one-sentence recommendation or a pop-up when they add a product to their shopping baskets.

  1. Create a sense of urgency

We've all heard of FOMO, or the fear of missing out. Use the same sense of urgency with your upsells by using methods like:

  • Countdown timers
  • Offers that expire when the page is closed

For example, headlines like "Weekend Offer" or "Expires in 5 hours!" urge buyers to act quickly rather than miss out on further value.


To summarize, upselling is a tried and true method of encouraging clients to spend more money and obtain more value. 

The key to a successful upsell strategy is to:

  • Not be too pushy and sound greedy.
  • Provide genuine value
  • Make your offers unique.

We hope that this article gave you an idea of what upselling is and how you can use it to your own advantage.

If you wish to create personalized, one-click upsell popups, sticky bars, and other CTAs for your Shopify store, install our upselling app CartX for free, or sign up for a 14-day premium trial to start implementing this marketing strategy from today!

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April 25, 2023